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“We had fallen in love with the house from the first moment we turned that corner and saw it sitting over the glen – the estate agent knew it too.

Looking back we should have twigged that the “other buyers, keener that you guys” was just a tactic to put the pressure on.

In a hurry to find a mortgage we thought we did the right thing and compared loads of banks, but that just got more confusing and stressfull the more we looked at it.

Then Dad told us to speak to Raymond at HR Wilson. We did and had our eyes opened, saved a fortune and who knows how much worry. As you can imagine with our first, Rose, on the way this was amazing!

That was years ago now, and I’m happy to say Raymond and the team are still helping us, move houses, save for college fee’s and our also plan our dream retirement.”

To protect our client privacy we do not share exact customer stories, this story is fictional but typical of the what we hear everyday, make it your story today.


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