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Many of us in this area are working hard running businesses of all sizes. When we’re under so much pressure it can be hard to think about the future and “what if” but we all know it makes sense to plan.


At HR Wilson we have been supporting local business people plan for all eventualities for decades.


Pension_Planning_for_business3“I Started the firm back in 1967. There was 3 of us in my Granda’s shed welding all day and racing bikes all night. Building the firm up to the point where we now export worldwide wasn’t easy. After so many stumbles and challenges  I wasn’t going to let an Accident or Illness:- mine or anyone else’s ruin things.

I met Stewart through Junior Rugby, and after chatting for a bit realised he was the man to help me. Happy to meet me that week, he didn’t even mind coming in the evening after production had finished. Within 40 minutes I knew where I, my partners and my family stood in case the worst did happen.

Once we had everything in place, and knowing that everyone was taken care of (including me!) I realised that I’d been worrying about this for a long time. (just about every time I threw the leg over the bike!) So please, take MY advice, and don’t be like me:- get your plans in place now.”

To protect our client privacy we do not share exact customer stories, this story is fictional but based on some of the many comments we hear from our long term business clients.


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